Children’s Oral Care Only

From the moment you walk through the door at Children’s Oral Care Only, you’ll see that we are unlike other dental offices. The goal is to create a comfortable environment to foster learning and comfort. Not only will your child receive the highest quality pediatric dental care, but we are also committed to teaching each child about lifelong oral health.

Safe, Positive Dental Experience

Creating a positive experience during dental exams helps each patient to feel relaxed and calm. Your child will feel good about visiting the dentist, helping to increase the likelihood that these good habits will remain for life. As a parent, the most important thing that you can do is teach your children about healthy habits, and our team at Children’s Oral Care Only is here to assist with the child’s education.

Our relaxed environment encourages our patients to have positive associations with visiting the dentist. Children don’t need to be afraid, instead they can feel comfortable in an environment that is designed with kids in mind. Our top priority is the safety and health of your children, and we use the latest technology and treatments that are catered specifically to kids’ needs.

Every appointment is designed to match the needs of the patient. Dental exams include fun games and friendly conversation to help the child feel comfortable. The focus is placed on preventive dental care to reduce the need for invasive treatments and improve long-term dental health.

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State of the Art Technology

We are committed to keeping are office up to date with the latest dental technology and equipment. This includes:

  • Digital Radiography: we offer both intraoral and extraoral digital X rays. These give off less radiation than traditional X rays, and offer improved diagnostic quality and more consistent imagery.
  • Laser Dentistry: with both the Biolase Waterlase (Erbium laser) and the Biolase Epic (Diode laser) in office, the laser dentistry tools offer a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools.
  • Intraoral Scanner: for digital impressions, our intraoral scanner is easier to use than conventional impressions and can create a 3D scan of each patient’s mouth.
  •  Drufomat: this advanced compressed air and vacuum can be used for construction of custom made appliances, including mouthguards, sports guards, whitening trays, and more.

Two Convenient Locations

Children’s Oral Care Only offers two locations for your convenience. We understand the importance of having a dental office close to home. You can choose the office that is nearby to minimize the time spent traveling to the dentist, with locations in both Lincolnshire and Chicago, IL.

Learn more about the treatments that we offer by talking to our experienced team at Children’s Oral Care Only. We will gladly schedule an exam and help you find the best dental and orthodontic treatments for your child. Call today for more information!